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Reasons Why Not To Over-rely On Google Translate For Urdu Learning

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There is no denying the fact that we live in an era of technology and everything we used to do or we do has been transformed and revolutionized by technology. Like every other aspect of life, learning in general and language learning in particular has been changed and revolutionized by the introduction of technology.

Although online learning has helped a great deal in Urdu language learning as it does in other languages, however, there are different mistakes that learners make pertaining to online learning. For Urdu learning, students these days emphasize heavily on Google Translate and give less important to the conventional class method of learning.

The lines below discuss the major drawbacks of overreliance on Google Translate compared to the conventional method of learning.

  • The first reason why Google Translate is not a good option pertaining to learning of Urdu is the fact that it requires internet to run. Therefore, when the internet is available a student can take help from it, however, when the internet is not available the student is at sea and the learning process stops. On the other hand, in conventional learning the mind of the student works and there is a lot of helping material available to ensure continuous learning with little reliance on the availability of internet.
  • The second reason why Google Translate cannot be relied upon pertaining to Urdu learning is that it is missing context. Things can mean differently when spoken or written in particular context, therefore, because of the lack of the contextual understanding Google Translate gives only the superficial meanings of the words which in some cases cannot be as accurate as it would be in the proper context, which can be learnt only when a person joins a proper Urdu learning class.
  • The third reason why Google Translate is not a good choice for learning Urdu language is because it eliminates the factor of knowing about the culture and society of the Urdu speaking communities. When a learner relies on Google Translate only, the ultimate result is learning just by relying on the meanings of the words and no context and no understanding of the situation in which words form different meanings. Thus, as a result of overreliance on Google Translate the ultimate result that comes of it is vocabulary and no understanding of language as a whole.
  • The fourth reason why Google Translate should not be over relied upon is the fact that learning Urdu via Google Translate comes with no practice whatsoever. In Google Translate a person is neither able to practice language speaking, writing, nor listening. Thus, when all these areas of language go down, a person cannot rely on simply language reading skill. Therefore, it is imperative that a language learner opts for conventional learning methods where students are taught to practice all fours skills of language learning and not only one skill.

In a nutshell, although Google Translate can be relied upon for assistance in Urdu learning, however, it is not advised to consider it as the only source of learning the language. Hence, conventional learning with a teacher is still the best learning method whether it is online or in a classroom.


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