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The Three Key Principles of Effective Urdu Learning

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When it comes to learning a second language, there are a variety of tips and techniques recommended by linguists. The objective of such tips and techniques is not to give shortcuts to the learners in learning, rather the objective of such instructions is to help learners increase the pace of learning and achieve proficiency with efficiency.

Pertaining to learning a language like Urdu, there are a variety of learning principle involved that ensure that the learner learns Urdu in an effective and efficient manner. The lines below discuss the major  principles that should be kept in mind, especially when it comes to learning Urdu language online.


Linguists argue that language is primarily habit formation, therefore, the more a  person repeats and practices Urdu, the more proficient he or she would get in it. Pertaining to repetition, a person must repeat each and every lesson a few times to ensure that the lesson is properly learned and it has been memorized. The simplest example of this repetition leading to learning can be seen in the form of learning a vocabulary item. When a learner learns a new Urdu word, he or she must practice it as much as possible in any way possible to ensure that the word becomes a part of frequently used vocabulary and it gets instilled in the memory.


One of the biggest mistakes that the learners of second language in general and Urdu language in particular make is that they go for memorizing and cramming the rules of language instead of comprehending it. When a learner gets to know a new rule of language whether it be in terms of grammar or in terms of new vocabulary item, the learner must try to relate it to the first language for better understanding. Thus, by this comparison, the learner is better able to understand and comprehend the rules and regulations of the foreign language, hence he or she is better able to grasp the concepts of language and bring them into practice with proficiency.

Take A Slow Start:

The third principle upon which the learning of Urdu language should be built is taking slow and gradual start. The reason why it is called a second language is that a person is not proficient in it like the first language, therefore, it requires some time to become proficient in it. Hence, when learning Urdu as a second language, no miracles should be expected at an early stage and neither should a learner put undesired efforts to get maximum output from the learning process. Therefore, for a learner it is imperative to take learning slowly and progress in exertion of efforts and expectations regarding output in a moderate and gradual manner instead of being forceful and coercive.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, it is imperative for an Urdu as a second language learner to follow the three basic principles of learning. If a learner is adopts repetition, starts to comprehend Urdu, and takes a slow starts and moves towards gradual progression, then Urdu learning that will take place under such conditions would be effective as well as efficient.

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