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Key Factors The Urdu Learning On Part Of The Student

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With regards to learning Urdu as a second language the importance of the teacher teaching the language is undeniable. It is the teacher who adopts and deploys a particular teaching methodology, which in return predicts the pace with which the learners learn the language. However, in addition to the teacher the context with which the learner undertakes the language also matters a lot.


There is a variety of factors that form the context with which the learner undertakes foreign language learning. For learning a language like Urdu, there are different factors that predict the pace with which the learner achieves proficiency in the language. The lines below discuss the different factors that influence the learning pace of a student or Urdu as a foreign language.

Need of Learning:

More than anything, the reason why a learner undertakes Urdu learning is the biggest factor that affects the need of Urdu learning. There are different purposes with which people undertake Urdu learning, they do it to improve their skills set, to converse with people of other cultures, to understand the literature and language of the region and some do it out of interest. Among all these kinds of needs, the ones who learn Urdu out of interest. When language learning is done out of interest, then the student goes beyond the conventional learning in the class and the learning resource and goes on to learn language for fun. Thus, this way the pace of learning varies according to the needs of the people.

Peer Groups:

The second factor that affects the pace of Urdu learning is the peer group. If one of the peer group is a native of the language or if all the members of the peer group are learning Urdu, then the pace of learning increases for every single one of them. Due to the group of friends, the conversation in Urdu and learning of it expands beyond the boundaries of class. Thus, this way even after the class, students keep on learning and practicing Urdu language, which ultimately increases their proficiency in the language. Therefore, before learning Urdu, a learner must ensure that either one of the peer group is a native of Urdu language or the whole group undertakes Urdu learning.

Role Models:

Another thing that can help increase the pace of Urdu learning is having good role models. If a learner has Urdu speaking role models who are the best in what they do and are masters when it comes to Urdu proficiency, the result would be the leaner working hard to be like the role models. Thus, ultimately the role models influence the pace with which a student learns Urdu.

Support from Home:

Support from home pertaining to learning Urdu is another factor that can help increase the pace of learning effectively. When a learner gets support from home in terms of encouragement, moral and financial support, then the learner is surely to learn Urdu at a greater pace.


Concisely, an Urdu learner must keep in mind the contextual factors that influence the pace of learning, so that greater and effective learning be ensured when the teacher adopts the right teaching methodology.

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