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The Effectiveness Of Listening To Songs In Urdu Language Learning

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We live in a very transformed world, where the ideas that were implemented and applicable a few decades back are no more valid and have lost their hold and strength. The best example of which can be seen in the form of the way teaching has been revolutionized. Now learning is no more the way it used to be and teachers are trying to make the learning process more interactive.

How do i learn urdu from listening

One of the most interactive ways of learning language in general and Urdu language in particular is the use of music and songs as a means of the Urdu language learning. There are numerous advantages of using music and songs pertaining to teaching a foreign language. The lines below discuss the major advantages of using songs as a tool in teaching Urdu as a foreign language.


The first and primary advantage of learning Urdu with the help of songs and music is that it keeps the learning session entertaining. It happens a lot of the time that students become bored with conventional telling of language rules and their repetitive practice. In this regard, when students listen to music, they enjoy learning and thus remain in contact with the language throughout the day without getting bored or feeling dull.

Improved Listening:

The second major advantage of learning Urdu with the help of using songs and music is the fact that it improves the listening skills of the person. The pace of the language used in the songs is quite fast compared to conventional speaking. Thus, when a Urdu learner listens to the songs his or her listening skills become sharp and they are able to listen to the sounds with more keen observation . thus, as a result of listening to the songs, the listening skills become sharp and more sensitive.

Informal Language:

The language used in all the books and formal means of teaching Urdu is formal and standard. However, when it comes to the language spoken by masses, it is a deviation from the standard language and thus requires understanding of the language spoken at a rustic level. The language used in songs is informal and the student that listens to this language is exposed to the informal language. Hence, listening to songs contributes to humanly communication in the foreign language in a better way compared to conventional learning. Therefore, songs listening increases the informal language knowledge and competency of a person.

Speaking Practice:

Another advantage of listening to songs when learning Urdu is that it serves as a speaking practice session. By listening to the song a few times, the learner can then start repeating the verses of the songs and continue on repeating them till the verses are remembered. Thus, by imitation, a learner is able to practice and improve the Urdu speaking skills in an interactive and entertaining manner.


In a nutshell, listening to songs as a means of learning Urdu is a new method adopted in language teaching. With the help of this method a student can improve speaking and listening skills in addition to improving the knowledge of the language whilst keeping the language learning process entertaining.


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