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The Three Levels of Advantages of Bilingualism

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Bilingualism is one of the most encouraged and in-demand skill of the day. All over the world, people are trying their best to learn a new language so that they are able to improve their skill set and on the bases of that improvement, they can achieve and attain different kinds of benefits.

Urdu is one of the major languages, which people are learning these days as a second language to improve their skills. This bilingualism by adopting Urdu as a second language comes with visible benefits. These benefits of bilingualism can be divided into three levels, the details of which are discussed in the lines below.



The primary benefit of bilingualism is on the personal level. When a person is able to learn multiple languages and has achieve proficiency in multiple languages, the ultimate effect is that the communication skills and perspective towards life of a person increase. When you learn Urdu, you are able to communicate with people who speak Urdu in addition to the new perspective towards life that reading of Urdu literature has given to you. Thus, with the help of learning Urdu as a second language the personality of a person grows and he or she is able to think, speak, communicate and ponder in a better and effective manner.


The second level at which bilingualism can benefit a person is at the professional level. With learning Urdu language, a new part of the globe opens to a person and a learner can effectively target that part of the world and utilize the learned skill for professional gain and benefits. With the skill of Urdu a person has an improved resume that makes a person open to all sorts and all kinds of monetary benefits. Therefore, bilingualism can help a person gain professional benefits and move forward in professional career by gaining the competitive edge in the market.


The third level of benefits that a bilingual person can attain is cognitive improvement. When a person learns a second language, then in the brain there are two languages stored instead of one, thus when the brain thinks, it uses the two languages for the thinking process. When the brain listens to something, the brain tries interpreting it in the two linguistic expressions it has stored in the mind. Similarly, when the brain feels something, the brain sees something the multiple languages come into play in recording that expression. Moreover, besides that when a person learns a second language, the brain has to work hard in order to store and process all that information. Thus, in doing so the brain becomes sharp and the problem and issue of trivial as well as serious brain problems is kept at bay for a longer period of time.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, it is imperative that a person in the competitive and sharp world of today considers learning an additional language so that the brain stays sharp and strong, the professional benefits flow and personal development also takes place at a greater pace.


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