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Utilizing Children Literature as a Means of Teaching Urdu to Kids

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It is a proven fact that when it comes to learning a second language the ideal time of learning is when one is at a young age and the brain is open to all sorts of knowledge. This is why children who have a different mother tongue and a different native language are able to speak both as they are exposed to both the languages and they start learning both.

It is easy for children to learn languages when they are exposed to both, however, if a parent cannot provide a significant exposure to the second language such as Urdu to the children, then the best way left to teach Urdu as a second language to the children is by the use of children literature.

kids literature books for urdu learning

Children literature primarily involves the technique of storytelling, which helps in developing the interest of the children in the second language and makes them prone to learning the language in an interactive and fun way. The lines below discuss the selection of children literature pertaining to storytelling as a means of teaching Urdu to kids.

Selection of Story Books:

The first and foremost important thing pertaining to teaching Urdu by the means of children literature is the selection of appropriate storybooks. The prime objective of using storybooks is to interest the children, therefore, it is imperative that the teacher considers all the students in the class and then on the bases of all the children and their interests select a particular kind of storytelling book. Therefore, before moving on to using children literature, it is imperative that a teacher analyzes the students and then on the bases of general interest select a particular book or genre.

Response OF The Pupils:

The second imperative thing that affects the learning proficiency achieved as a result of using a particular story book. In this regard, the response of the pupil is of grave importance. After reading a particular story book it is necessary that the teacher takes the feedback of the students and notes down the kind of response they have shown to the book. If the response of the students is healthy in terms of their liking as well as their increased learning, then the teachers should select books related to that genre. Furthermore, if the students show little interest to the learning and they also have minimal improvement with regards to learning, then the teacher should change the book being followed and go for some other books that attracts the interest of the students and also improves their learning capabilities as well.

Supporting Material:

In addition to using the conventional books as a means of teaching Urdu to the children, other supporting material in the forms of images and cartoons can also prove to be effective in inducing greater learning. Therefore, pertaining to the kind of book that is followed a teacher should also make sure that relevant supporting material is also provided to the children so that they could enjoy learning even more.


In a nutshell, it is imperative that teachers consider using children literature as a means of teaching Urdu to the students at a young age. However, in doing so the selection of appropriate book and supporting material should be based upon the response of the children.


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