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7 Most Renowned Urdu Writers of All Times

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 Urdu literature consists of some extraordinary writers whose main concern was to focused on urban social life. Urdu novels have a wide range of writers who inspire people by their exceptional work. Urdu novel took a huge turn in past few decades towards the present day life and realities of young generation of the subcontinent. Following are some famous writers who bring an enormous change in history of Urdu novel by their work.

7 most renowned urdu writters

Mirza Adeeb:

Mirza Adeeb was born on April 4, 1914, a Pakistani Urdu writer of short stories and dramas. He was a successful Urdu writer and his dramas won six awards from Pakistani writer’s federation.  His most famous collection contain Anso aur sitaray , Lahu aur Qaleen, Sheeshay Ki Dewar, Sutoon, Fasil-e-Shab, Khak Nasheen, Jangal.

Fatima Surayya Bajia:

Fatima Surayya Bajia is one of the distinguished writers of Pakistan, she was born on September 1, 1930. Her novels and dramas produce her various awards both at home country and abroad. Her work includes some good novels and plays like Ana, Ghar aik Nagar, Asaavari, Tasweer, Aurak, Anaar Kali, Sassi Puno and Babar.

 Ehsan Danish:

Ehsan Danish was an outstanding Urdu poet who begin with romantic poet but latter he wrote poems for labors, he was known by “Shaire-Mazdur” by his fans. Ehsan Danish received Tamgha-e-Imtiaz from the Government of Pakistan in March 22, 1978. Ehsan Danish Work contain Tazkir-o-Tanees, Iblagh-e-Danish, Awaz Se Alfaz Tak, Derday Zindagi and Miras al Momin.

Jon Elia:

 Jon Elia was a Pakistani Urdu writer, Philosopher and Poet. He was born on December 14, 1931, Jon Elia had a complete command over Arabic, English, Persian, Hebrew and Sanskrit. His work for Urdu literature and Poetry contains Shayad, Yaani, Gumaan, Lekin, Goya and Farnood.


Ibn-e-Insha who was born on June 15, 1927. He was a writer, humorist, poet, and columnist of Pakistan. Despite of a writer and poet he was also a traveler writer, who visit different countries and pen all adventures he faced along his way. Only those who have a good knowledge of Urdu language can understand the master piece he written. His famous collections of writing contains, Is basti kay ik kochay mein, Chand Nagar, Dil-e-Wehshi, Awara Gard ki Diary, Dunya Gol Hay, Ibne Batuta K Taqub Mein, Chaltay ho to Cheen ko Chalye, Aap Se Kia Parda, Urdu Ki Akhri Kitab and Nagri Nagri Phira Musafir.

 Hajra Masroor:

Hajra Masroor famous urdu writer who write plenty of books on social, legal, political issues and women rights. She was born on January 17 ,1930 and died on September 15, 2012. Government of Pakistan awarded her with Pride of Performance award for best writer in 1995 and she receives Almi Farogh-e-Urdu Adab Award. Some of her work contains the tittles of Chand ki Dosri Taraf, Tisri Manzil, Andhere Ujale, Chori Chupe and Wo log.

Qudrat Ullah Shahab:

Qudrat ullah Shahab was an eminent Urdu writer of Pakistan, he was born on 1947. Qudrat Ullah was best known for his own autobiography Shahab Nama. Shahab work for Urdu , English newspaper and magazine. Qudrat ullah Shahab work for Urdu literature contains Shahab Nama, Maan Ji, Nafsanay, Surukh Fitha and Ya Khuda.


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