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Factors That Can Keep You Motivated When Learning Urdu

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When it comes to learning, there is great motivation required. As a matter of fact there is always a motivation behind learning of any kind and that particular motivation is what keeps the learner going and understanding and comprehending the wisdom and knowledge. Such is the case with learning a foreign language.

tips to learn Urdu language for first time

Learning a foreign language in general and learning Urdu in particular requires great motivation. Urdu is one of the tough languages to learn, therefore, sooner or later people get bored of the learning process and cannot go any further and quit. To prevent Urdu learners from doing so, the lines below give some effective tips that can help keep the learners motivated towards Urdu learning.

Imagine Your Future Self:

The first thing that can serve as a great motivator pertaining to sticking with Urdu learning and progressing in it is the imagination of your future self. When learning Urdu gets boring and tiresome for you, then the best thing you can do at that time is imagine yourself in the future where you are speaking Urdu fluently after successful completion of your course.  Therefore, whenever it gets tough and boring, imagine yourself in the future where you are a proficient Urdu speaker and all the hardships of learning are a thing of past for you.

Have Confidence:

The second thing pertaining to keeping yourself motivated towards Urdu learning is having confidence. You must have confidence in all the regards possible. You must be confident about that you can do it, you must be confident about practicing what you know, you must be confident about the little knowledge of the language you have and then keep on practicing it and adding to it.

You Know Not:

The third thing that can help in keeping you motivated towards learning is the attitude that you know not. You must always have this thing in mind that you know very little and there is a great deal of things that you need to know about Urdu. When you have such an attitude, you never get bored of learning and keep on learning new things about Urdu, hence the process of learning goes on instead of you getting bored and quitting.

Practice Wherever You Can:

The fourth thing pertaining to keeping yourself motivated with regards to learning Urdu as a second or foreign language is practicing Urdu whenever you get a chance. By practicing one should not think of only practicing speaking, rather whenever you get the chance you should also listen to Urdu music, write something down in Urdu and read Urdu literature. Therefore, practicing should not be confined to speaking only, rather other skill of language must also be practiced whenever presented with a chance.

Make Urdu Speaking Friends:

The fifth thing you can do to keep yourself motivated towards Urdu learning is making friends with Urdu speaker. If you have such speakers available in your area then you can befriend them and practice Urdu with them and if such people are not available around you then you can make Urdu friends on the internet by using different social media platforms. Therefore, to keep learning fun and joyful make sure that you have Urdu speaking people in your contact who can help you practice and learn the true form of Urdu  in an interactive manner.


In a nutshell, it is very important that you incorporate certain motivators in your Urdu learning process so that you keep on progressing instead of going down and back in the learning curve.


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