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A Glimpse of the History of Development and Establishment of Urdu

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Urdu is one of the most prominent and widely spreading languages of the world. People across the globe regard it as an important language both in terms of its enriched literature and the significance of the geographical location it is spoken in, thus, the interest in learning Urdu is increasing day by day and people are trying to know about it more and more.

A glimpse of Urdu History

Out of the several things, which people want to know about Urdu, the most common and most basic one is the history of Urdu. People want to know that how this language developed, how did it land in the particular region of the world and how it was established. The lines below inform the reader regarding these aspects of the language.

As far as the development of Urdu is concerned, it is called an “Army language”. This title given to it has a lot to do with the development of the language. Before knowing the history of Urdu, it is imperative that one knows a little about the history of subcontinent.

Golden Bird:-The subcontinent was like a gold mine in the world and from time to time people from all over the globe invaded it to gain riches from it. The Turks invaded it, the Mongols invaded it, the Arabs invaded it, and above all the Persians invaded it the most. Thus, all of these invaders left their mark in the region in the form of either leaving the knowledge or culture of their region in the form of books or their soldiers establishing in the country. Thus, there were people from all kinds of different languages in the subcontinent region of the world.

Rise of Urdu:- It was not until the invasion of subcontinent by Mughals that laid the grounding for the establishment of Urdu. The Mughals established subcontinent as a colony and brought unity to it, therefore, all the people that were dispersed at that time started gathering under the Mughal banner and started enrolling in the Mughal army as well as becoming the part of Mughal court. It was at this point of time that the people from all the different linguistic backgrounds started mingling with each other and hence they started speaking a new language in itself.

Once the people started speaking a kind of vernacular language, the next thing that boosted Urdu was its acceptance in the Mughal court. The Mughals were basically Persians, however, when they settled in subcontinent, they wanted a new identity for it a new language for it, thus, they made Urdu the official language of the court and it became the official language of subcontinent in the reigns of the Mughals, till the British invaded subcontinent.

In short, since the Mughals made Urdu the official language and till the partition of subcontinent, Urdu kept on progressing and has now become a world renowned language. Therefore, for a learner of Urdu as a second language it is imperative to get a little glimpse about the history of the language so that he or she is better able to understand the origin of the words and their roots.


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