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The Association of Urdu Language with Islam

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Whenever the name of Urdu language is spoken, the first thing that comes to mind is Pakistan and India, and whenever the names of both these countries are taken together, the next thing that comes to mind is Islam. In the subcontinent region, both these countries are known for the excessive Muslim population they have and the rise of Islam in this region of the world.

Urdu language and its establishment in subcontinent

In order to understand the relation between Urdu and Islam, there is the need of understanding the development of Islam in the subcontinent region, and how then Urdu got associated with the spread of it in the subcontinent region.

The subcontinent region of the world is known for its fertility in terms of wealth and riches of all sorts. Thus, this region had been under invasion from different nations from around the world. However, the nations that brought the light of Islam to this part of the world were the Arabs who came from the Arabian Peninsula and made subcontinent one of the colonies of the empire.

Along with the Arab rulers there were Persians as well who were in the army of the Arabs, thus with the arrival of Arabs the people of subcontinent got exposed to two languages in addition to a new religion. The saints and Sufis that came with the rulers started spreading Islam in the different parts of the region. They started using their own language Arabic or Persian. Thus, the words of both these languages started traveling in to the masses and they started using it in their language.

When the Mughal Empire established its roots in the subcontinent, they encouraged homogeneity in the people. Hence people of different languages started mingling with each other and started sharing the vocabulary and structure of their languages with each other. Hence, this mingling and sharing of language features resulted in the formation of a new language called ‘Urdu’.

As far as Urdu being an Islamic language is concerned, the reason why it gets associated with Islam is the fact that the Mughals gave it the status of an official language. Mughals being Muslims, thus the language was also stereotyped as a Muslim language and when the war of independence was one by British and in the post war scenario the Hindus started taking side of the British, it was then that Muslims had to preserve their identity by opting to save the language they had, thus, Urdu became the language of Muslims in subcontinent.

Once Muslims accepted Urdu as their language, they started strengthening it and the best source of strengthening the language which Muslim had was Islam. Hence, Muslims of subcontinent started translating the Islamic books into Urdu and the Muslim scholars in the subcontinent started writing books in Urdu. Hence, since then, the name of Urdu has become synonymous as the language of Islam in the world in general and subcontinent in particular.

In short, Urdu being the language of Islam has a lot to do with the spread of Islam in the subcontinent and the way the language developed. Due to the fact that a great number of Muslim populations reside in the subcontinent region, and the Muslims of subcontinent have now spread to different countries around the world, hence, wherever they go, they take Urdu with them. Hence Urdu and Islam go hand in hand at present.

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