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Key Features Common among Urdu Column Writers

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The columns in the newspaper of a respective country greatly reflect the language of the country and the kind of intellectual depth and enrichment the scholars of that particular country possess. Although most of the columns are primarily written by people who are some way or the other associated with journalism, however, there are still literary merits to their writing.

The columns in the newspaper of a respective country greatly reflect the language

Pertaining to the practice of writing columns in Urdu newspaper in Urdu language, there are a variety of elements that are found common in the column writing in Urdu. The lines below discuss the major aspects and distinguishing features of column writing in Urdu language.

The first and most common feature in Urdu column writing is the starting of the column in relation with some historical story. Usually the authors start with a historical story to grab the attention of the readers and when the attention is grabbed the author starts relating it with the current circumstances or the issue which they want to target in their writing.

The second important and common feature of column writing in Urdu is that writers primarily try to discuss social and political issues of Pakistan. Although the writers oddly write about the culture and heritage of the country as well, however, the kind of political and social situation that Pakistan is at present, the objective of the writers is to educate and illuminate the situation and give a better perspective to the readers. Hence, the writing primarily talks about the present situation of Pakistan.

The third feature that is common among Urdu columnist writing in different Urdu newspapers is the response or quoting of fan mail. The Urdu columnist of different papers have different fan followings and their fans write back to them regarding any issue which they bring to light or seek the opinion of the authors. Thus, what most of the Urdu columnists do is that they take on the fan mail they receive and then either try to quote it in their column as a foregrounding for addressing some issue, or if the fan has already raised some issue in the mail they try addressing and responding to it in the appropriate manner.

Fourthly, the writers in their writing give a retrospective image and analysis of Pakistan. The country is of grave importance to the global politics, geography, sociology and ecology, therefore, it is quite natural that the columnist discuss Pakistan in relation with the foreign world. Hence, the kind of analysis provided by majority of columnists in Urdu is retrospective and they see Pakistan as a part of globe and how the global world and Pakistan influence and affect each other.

Fifthly, the other thing common in all the writers is their Urdu writing style. Although the columns have some literary merit in terms of the intellect and information, they carry however, there are linguist similarities in terms of the kind of language used and the way it is used. The linguistic format followed by the columnists is almost the same and it helps in better presentation of the information and attention grabbing.

In short, Urdu column writing is one of the renowned professions and it is an excellent way of learning Urdu for foreigners as it helps give exposure to the linguistic styles, intellect and the current social and political context of the country in which it is spoken.


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