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Tips For Learning Urdu For The Purpose Of Communication

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Pakistan is one of the renowned countries of the world. Due to its geographical importance and the rising political importance it has become one of the major countries of interest across the globe. This rise in the popularity of Pakistan has also given rise to the importance of its official language, Urdu.

Tips for Learning Urdu For The Purpose Of Communication

Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and is one of the most enriched and versatile languages of the world. Although the Urdu contains a diverse range of literature and linguistic depth, however, the primary focus of people learning Urdu today is to be able to use the language for communication purposes. The lines below give some effective tips which can be utilized for learning Urdu for the purpose of communication.

Understanding The Structure:

The first and foremost important thing pertaining to learning Urdu for the purpose of communication is to understand the sentence structure of Urdu. In Urdu, like all other languages, there is a formal structure, and if changes are made in the structure, the sentence fails to communicate the sense.  On contrary to the subject, verb and object structure in English, Urdu uses a subject, object, verb structure. Therefore, try keeping the structure in mind and then accordingly fit in the words for proper and effective communication.

Singular Pronouns:

The second thing you need to know pertaining to using Urdu for the purpose of communication is the singular pronouns in Urdu language. These pronouns are what make communication possible and there is an equal number of pronouns in Urdu as are in English language. Therefore, it is imperative that a learner knows and remembers the Urdu singular pronouns to make sure that they are properly used in speech.

Plural Pronouns:

In addition to the singular pronouns, there are also plural pronouns in Urdu that play their part in communication. For every singular pronoun there are plural pronouns, therefore, a learner must master the plurals in order to ensure that they are properly utilized in speech for effective communication.

The Use OF ‘To Be’:

One of the most important thing that the learner has to know about Urdu, which is perhaps the most difficult to master is the use of the infinitive verb ‘to be’ in Urdu. This infinitive verb is used in many forms and for different purposes in Urdu. In some cases this verb is used as a plain verb and describes some action, whereas in other cases it is used to produce present tense. Therefore, in order to communicate in Urdu effectively, a learner needs to know the use of the infinitive verb, the different forms it takes and the different functions it performs.

The Use Of Pronoun As Object:

Another distinctive feature of Urdu, which the learner needs to master for effective communication, is the use of pronouns as objects. In Urdu, pronouns with a slight change can be converted into objects and in some cases these objects are utilized to start a sentence. Therefore, this intricate matter needs to be understood in order to avoid mistakes in communication.


In a nutshell, it is imperative that an Urdu learner pays heed towards the minute yet important distinctive elements of Urdu language and before practicing communication has a firm grasp over them for better and effective communication.

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