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The Imperativeness OF Encouraging The Use Of Urdu In Bilingual Children

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It is an increasing debate in the world of today that whether or not children should be taught to become bilingual. There are theorists and linguists who argue in favor and against the idea and have their own reasons to support the argument, however, the general consensus is that the children should be exposed to multiple languages so that they get the edge of understanding two languages that can help them in the future.

Use of urdu in bilingual children

However, when it comes to raising children as bilinguals, parents usually prefer their children learning the second language more compared to their native language. This condition is applicable in the case of children who have Urdu as their first language and are in a foreign environment where they have to learn the second language. The lines below discuss the importance of teaching Urdu as a native language to bilingual children.

Parent-Children Communication:

The first and foremost important reason why Urdu speaking parents must teach their bilingual children Urdu is the fact that it helps in effective communication between the two. When the parents do not encourage their children to speak Urdu, the ultimate result is the children leaving their native language and start conversing in the target language, which then makes it difficult for the parents as for them Urdu is the primary language of communication and when children don’t communicate in that there obviously occurs a communication gap. Therefore, in order to make sure that the parent-children communication stays strong, the parents must encourage the children speaking Urdu.

Link With Culture And Heritage:

The second major reason why parents must make sure that their children continue on speaking Urdu while being proficient in the target language is the fact that Urdu is their native language and when they keep on practicing Urdu, it means that they stay intact with their culture and heritage. The speaking or Urdu language ensures that the children keep on reading Urdu as well, therefore, when the children do so, they come across Urdu pieces of writing which carry the elements of their culture and heritage. Therefore, in this way the parents can ensure that the children stay intact with their culture and carry the values by understanding their existence and importance in the heredity they come from.


The third reason why Urdu speaking parents must ensure that their children also learn and practice Urdu whilst being in a target language environment is that the learning or Urdu gives them a different perspective to view and analyze life. Therefore, the knowledge of Urdu is not just knowledge of language, rather it is another perspective given to the children with the help of which they are able to view and analyze life differently.


In a nutshell, it is imperative that Urdu speaking parents who live in foreign countries where Urdu is not the first language, they must make sure that in addition to learning the first language of those countries, the children also keep on using their native language so that they stay intact with their heritage, get a new perspective to see life and the communication between parents and children becomes effective.


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