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Why Should Parents Encourage The Speaking Of Urdu To Their Bilingual Children

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Lot of the times it happens that people who migrate to a foreign country, get settled there are have children find it hard to communicate with the children because their children growing up in a bilingual environment. The language in which the children speak in the public is the foreign language, while what they are exposed to in the home is their native language.

Parent encourage to speak urdu

It has been observed, that the children usually do not go for speaking the native language such as Urdu in their homes, rather, they prefer communicating with the parents in the target or foreign language. This attitude of children has a lot to do with the way the way parents bring them up. Usually parents do not speak Urdu with their children because they think that it might hinder in their learning of target language. Thus, when the children become proficient in target language, they leave using their native language.

The lines below discuss the advantage of using Urdu with bilingual children at home.


When children grow a little, they start discussing their studies and assignments with parents. Therefore, at that point it is imperative that both children and parents communicate in the same language so that they message conveyed is the same as message received. When the children are bilingual, and they don’t use the native language with parents, the ultimate result is parents not being able to properly comprehend or convey the message, as a result of which the competency in academia of the children goes down, as far as cooperation from parents is concerned. Therefore, parents must speak Urdu in their homes and should encourage their bilingual children to communicate in Urdu as well.

Expressing Emotion:

The second reason why parents must encourage speaking of Urdu in their bilingual children is the fact that native language helps express the emotions better compared to the learned language. The native language is acquired by the children whereas the second language is learned, therefore, it is quite natural that the expressing of emotion of children will be far better in Urdu as compared to the second language. However, when parents do not create such an atmosphere in the home where the children would speak in Urdu, the result is the children finding it hard to express their emotions, and as a result an emotion gulf takes place between people. Therefore, it is imperative that the parents encourage speaking of Urdu in their homes.

 Community Connection:

Thirdly, the children who grow up in a bilingual environment have two communities to live with and interact. They interact and communicate with the second language community as well as with their native community. If the focus of parents is only towards second language, then the children will also share the features and values of the second language community and forget their native values. Therefore, if parents want their children to know about their native values and culture by staying in contact with their native community, then they need to encourage the speaking of Urdu in their homes so that the children could stay intact with their heritage and culture.


In a nutshell, it is imperative that parents encourage their bilingual children to continue on speaking Urdu in their home so that they are able to communicate effectively, and help each other out in the time of their need and personal development.


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