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The Role Which Parents Can Play Pertaining to Making Urdu Learning Easy for Children

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Pertaining to learning a second language, people who have migrated from one country to another and have their children brought up in the foreign environment, they always want that their children should learn their native language as a second language.  Therefore, the role of parents in this regard is of crucial importance.

Parents role in urdu language learning

Pakistanis or Urdu speaking people who have settled abroad and have children, want the children to learn Urdu as a second language. In this regard the send the children to Urdu schools and let them have online classes. However, it is not all, which the parents can do, rather they can do much more to ensure that the children learn language easily.  The lines below give the major measures that the parents can take to ensure that their children learn Urdu as a second language in an easy way.

Speak In Urdu With Them:

The first thing that the parents can do to ensure that the children learn Urdu in an easy way is to speak Urdu with them in the house. If parents go on speaking with the children in the target language which the children already speak in their present environment then there will be little support provided by parents to the children. As a result of which the only learning that the children will be having will be in the school or class. Therefore, to support greater learning, it is imperative that parents speak in Urdu with the children to ensure that Urdu learning is aided with home environment.

Urdu Software:

The second way of making sure that the children continue on learning Urdu besides the lessons they take in the class is to use different Urdu software available in the market to help the children keep on learning at home.  Thus, with the help of a good software that grabs the attention of the children, parents can make sure that learning remains fun and an easy activity for their children.

Urdu Children Literature:

Literature is an effective means of learning about any language. It carries the vocabulary, the grammar structure, the syntax, pragmatics and the soci-cultural aspects which make learning interesting. Thus, if in a foreign land, parents were to introduce and teach Urdu children literature to their kids, the result would be, children learning Urdu language in an interesting way. Moreover, besides simple teaching of language, the literature can also help in making the children know about the native culture of the place from which the parents hail so that the children also remain aware about their cultural heritage.


The reward criteria can also work very well when it comes to teaching Urdu language to the children. The parents can set particular rewards on the achievement of particular milestones to keep on encouraging their children towards learning of language. This way, the children become more competitive and they also work hard in learning their lesson.


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