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Reasons Why Urdu Learning With the Help of Technology is Preferred Over Conventional Learning

The fact cannot be denied that the use of technology has become an integral part of our lives, it is the same way as it oxygen to us. None of our daily life tasks, whether trivial or requiring special skills are complete without technology, hence it has transformed everything, which we were used to of doing the old fashioned way.

Technology Is Preferred Over Conventional Learning

With regards to learning of language in general and Urdu language learning in particular, the use of technology has also transformed it. People these days prefer learning Urdu by utilizing technology, the lines below gives some reason behind the effects of technology on Urdu learning and its preference.

The first and perhaps the most important reason why the use of technology in Urdu learning is gaining prominence is the fact that the intervention of technology makes Urdu learning convenient. The online Urdu learning classes, the software, the different social media groups for Urdu learning all are the forms of technology, which are frequently used these days. With these software the learner can learn Urdu without leaving home or without formally visiting an institute, hence, the lessons with the help of such technological tools make learning easy and convenient.

The second reason why Urdu learning with the help of technology is more preferred compared to conventional learning is the fact that it is cost effective. Pertaining to the orthodox method of Urdu learning, a learner will have to get enrolled in a school, arrange commute to take classes on daily basis and also buy the learning related material. On the other hand, when a student is learning Urdu with the help of a software or online, then all such costs go down. The student does not need pay heavy fee to get enrolled in the school, there is no need for spending on commute as well as the learning can take place in the home and above all there is minimal learning material required. Therefore, this way, the learning costs quite less compared to the orthodox method of learning.

The third reason why Urdu learning with the help of technology is becoming more popular in the Urdu learners is the fact that they are in control of learning. Most of the times with conventional learning it happens that the students have to work very hard to stay on par with the rest of the class, as the lessons are given to the whole class. In doing so, there are students who cannot take such burden and they quit learning. On the other hand, if learning with the help of technology is opted then the student can pretty much control the pace of learning. In online learning classes, the student receives individual attention from the teacher, hence the learning is enforced appropriately. Similarly, with the help of a software the student can select a particular lesson and keep on learning the same lesson unless and until it is properly understood. Hence the learning which takes place in this regard is effective.

In a nutshell, because of the control it provides to the student, its cost effectiveness and convenience, learning Urdu with the help of technology is more preferred compared to conventional learning.

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A Brief Introduction To Urdu Poetry

Urdu has established itself as one of the renowned languages of the subcontinent region of South Asia. The language has a long history when it comes to its development and over a period of time it has managed to inspire people all across the globe in different genres and presents a set of religious, cultural and social values of the Urdu language speakers to the foreigners.

Introduction to urdu poetry

When it comes to different genres of Urdu that are most popular is Urdu poetry. Besides the popular genre of Urdu fiction, the poetry is also of equal importance and all over the world in Urdu language courses, the teaching of poetry is a necessary component. The lines below give a brief introduction of genre of Urdu poetry.

As far as the historical development of the genre is concerned, it is as old as the language Urdu itself. Urdu started becoming a vulgar language during the reign of Mughal emperors. Besides their love for architecture and paintings, the one other thing for which Mughals were renowned was their love for poetry. Thus, although, the language of court was Persian where Mughals would listen to Persian poets, however, at a rustic level, it was the Urdu poetry that was being formed on the same rules and parameters as the Persian poetry. Hence, since Urdu became a language of the masses, it is from then that the Urdu poetry started.

After the initial years, in the 19th century is when Urdu received the greatest of contributions pertaining to Urdu poetry. Besides the other major names that surfaced in Urdu poetry in the 19th century, one of the most prominent names was of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib. He is one of the greatest poets of Urdu language, and his works have been translated into many languages. If Ghalib is taken out of Urdu poetry, then half the poetry ceases to exist.

In the twentieth century also, poetry remained one of the renowned genres of Urdu languages. It was Allama Iqbal in the 20th century who gave a new direction to Urdu poetry and used it as a means of reforms. It was the poetry of Iqbal that revolutionized the whole Muslim population of subcontinent who then formed a spate country of their own called ‘Pakistan’. He is the national poet of Pakistan and his poetry in Urdu is considered a pivotal element for the development of struggle of Pakistan, hence, Iqbal utilized poetry as a medium of bringing and provoking change.

Urdu poetry consists of different forms of which the popular one is Ghazal. Besides Urdu Ghazal, there is Nazam, Marsiya, Rubai and so on. There is substantial amount of literature in each and every form of Urdu poetry, therefore, all the forms are respected and equally accepted amongst the literary circles.

In a nutshell, Urdu has a rich history when it comes to poetry. Besides being used as a means of expressing personal feelings and desires in an aesthetically pleasant way, Urdu poetry has contributed heavily into bringing social reforms among the dwellers of the subcontinent, which shows the kind of power this genre carries.

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The Origin And Development Of Urdu Journalism

Pertaining to Urdu language, the general misconception is that it is a language of Muslims and only the Muslims of subcontinent region speak it. Although the speaker of the Urdu language are majorly Muslims however, there are speakers of other faiths as well and these people have played a great role in the evolution and development of Urdu language.

Development and origin of urdu journalism

Urdu was initially abhorred as a vulgar language by the Muslim rulers of Mughal empire and they rejected it because of the fact that it was the language of masses and people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds used it to communicate with each other. Therefore, Muslims cannot be called the only caretakers of the language.

The role of people of other faith in the development of language aside, initially it were the people of other faiths who started Urdu journalism. The lines below give a brief history of the start and development of Urdu journalism.

 The first Urdu newspaper was published in Kolkata in the year 1822 to by a Hindu journalist called Harihar Dutta. The newspaper was named Jam-i-Jahan-Numa. It was the first of its kind and it laid the foundation for using Urdu as a means of journalistic writing. The founder of the newspaper was the grandson of the renowned Bengali journalist Tara Chand Dutta. Initially it was a paper consisting of three pages and was published on weekly bases. The paper continued on being published till the year 1888 when because of Urdu becoming a renowned and established writing it gave up to the competition.

The second renowned Urdu newspaper was also started by a Hindu, Munshi Harsukh Rai in the year 1850. The paper was named Kohinoor and like its predecessor it was also a weekly however, compared to the predecessor it had a bigger market and it produced almost 350 copies every week, which is quite a high number as per the standards of those days. In the year 1858, it was the first Urdu daily that started publishing. The name of the paper was Urdu Guide and it was published by Manbiri Kabiruddin which was also published in Calcutta.

From that onwards, Urdu journalism started moving towards the northern region of the subcontinent and it was in Lahore that the daily Urdu newspaper by the name of Roznamha-e-Punjab started pu8blishing. It also began publishing in the year 1858.

It was after the rebellion of 1857 that the Muslims of subcontinent started understanding their distinct identity and to make sure that they had everything distinguished compared to people of other religions in subcontinent, they started using Urdu as a means of communication as well as for the purpose of journalism. Hence, it was then that the Muslims extensively started using Urdu in newspapers and magazines and it started becoming a language of Muslims.

In a nutshell, Urdu being a language or Muslims is wrong, rather the origin and development of language in general and Urdu journalism in particular shows that the Muslims were the ones who later adopted Urdu, where as it were the people of other religion and beliefs who started using Urdu and then Muslims increased its use and made it their language.

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The Role Which Parents Can Play Pertaining to Making Urdu Learning Easy for Children

Pertaining to learning a second language, people who have migrated from one country to another and have their children brought up in the foreign environment, they always want that their children should learn their native language as a second language.  Therefore, the role of parents in this regard is of crucial importance.

Parents role in urdu language learning

Pakistanis or Urdu speaking people who have settled abroad and have children, want the children to learn Urdu as a second language. In this regard the send the children to Urdu schools and let them have online classes. However, it is not all, which the parents can do, rather they can do much more to ensure that the children learn language easily.  The lines below give the major measures that the parents can take to ensure that their children learn Urdu as a second language in an easy way.

Speak In Urdu With Them:

The first thing that the parents can do to ensure that the children learn Urdu in an easy way is to speak Urdu with them in the house. If parents go on speaking with the children in the target language which the children already speak in their present environment then there will be little support provided by parents to the children. As a result of which the only learning that the children will be having will be in the school or class. Therefore, to support greater learning, it is imperative that parents speak in Urdu with the children to ensure that Urdu learning is aided with home environment.

Urdu Software:

The second way of making sure that the children continue on learning Urdu besides the lessons they take in the class is to use different Urdu software available in the market to help the children keep on learning at home.  Thus, with the help of a good software that grabs the attention of the children, parents can make sure that learning remains fun and an easy activity for their children.

Urdu Children Literature:

Literature is an effective means of learning about any language. It carries the vocabulary, the grammar structure, the syntax, pragmatics and the soci-cultural aspects which make learning interesting. Thus, if in a foreign land, parents were to introduce and teach Urdu children literature to their kids, the result would be, children learning Urdu language in an interesting way. Moreover, besides simple teaching of language, the literature can also help in making the children know about the native culture of the place from which the parents hail so that the children also remain aware about their cultural heritage.


The reward criteria can also work very well when it comes to teaching Urdu language to the children. The parents can set particular rewards on the achievement of particular milestones to keep on encouraging their children towards learning of language. This way, the children become more competitive and they also work hard in learning their lesson.

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The Current Status And Condition Of Urdu In Pakistan

Urdu is one of the most renowned languages of the subcontinent and its dominance as a language of learning is increasing all over the world. It is the national language of Pakistan, however, people in India also speak it, as well as the people who have migrated from Pakistan to other countries of the world.

Condition of Urdu in pakistan

Those who are not native Urdu speakers, for them Urdu carries a great charm and they want to learn about the history of language as well as the use of it for communication as Pakistan is of grave geographical importance for the South Asian region. The lines below discuss the present situation of Urdu in Pakistan.

There is no denying the fact that Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and there is substantial literature in Urdu and it stands as the national means of communication. However, despite all its importance, the language has not been given the status it truly deserves and there are different levels at which Urdu is not given the same importance that is its right. As Pakistan was once a colony of British Empire, therefore, it is obvious that English is to be present in the Pakistani culture and it is competitive with Urdu when it comes to being the official language of the country. Therefore, at an official level, where it all should have been Urdu logically is a combination of Urdu and English which is injustice with the national language.

The other way in which Urdu is not receiving proper treatment and is mishandled is the fact that Pakistan is under the influence of Bollywood movies, which primarily contain the words of Hindi in them. As Urdu and Hindi are comparable with them, thus the Pakistani audience that watches such movies is corrupting the language as Hindi follows a different kind of structure, pronunciation and vocabulary. Thus, because of this influence also, Urdu is not conditioned to the status it is supposed to be given.

Third reason behind the not so good plight of Urdu in Pakistan and its maltreatment is the fact that because of being a colony of British empire, the older generation is more prone towards learning English compared to Urdu. For them, English is a sign of distinction and being well versed in English means being more educated and more civilized. Thus, the older generation started putting emphasis on their to learn English more compared to Urdu. Therefore, because of the emphasis put by elders, the children were put into English schools where English as a means of communication was more preferred and the children’s ability in English was more polished, while the national language went into backdrop. The situation still prevails and English medium of instruction is given more preference and value compared to Urdu medium, which is definitely not the treatment that a language deserves.

In a nutshell, Urdu, because of multiple reasons in Pakistan is not experiencing the kind of status and importance it deserves. The need is to educate the native people about their language and tell them how the language is a part of their identity, which needs to be proud of and protected.