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The Current Status And Condition Of Urdu In Pakistan

Urdu is one of the most renowned languages of the subcontinent and its dominance as a language of learning is increasing all over the world. It is the national language of Pakistan, however, people in India also speak it, as well as the people who have migrated from Pakistan to other countries of the world.

Condition of Urdu in pakistan

Those who are not native Urdu speakers, for them Urdu carries a great charm and they want to learn about the history of language as well as the use of it for communication as Pakistan is of grave geographical importance for the South Asian region. The lines below discuss the present situation of Urdu in Pakistan.

There is no denying the fact that Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and there is substantial literature in Urdu and it stands as the national means of communication. However, despite all its importance, the language has not been given the status it truly deserves and there are different levels at which Urdu is not given the same importance that is its right. As Pakistan was once a colony of British Empire, therefore, it is obvious that English is to be present in the Pakistani culture and it is competitive with Urdu when it comes to being the official language of the country. Therefore, at an official level, where it all should have been Urdu logically is a combination of Urdu and English which is injustice with the national language.

The other way in which Urdu is not receiving proper treatment and is mishandled is the fact that Pakistan is under the influence of Bollywood movies, which primarily contain the words of Hindi in them. As Urdu and Hindi are comparable with them, thus the Pakistani audience that watches such movies is corrupting the language as Hindi follows a different kind of structure, pronunciation and vocabulary. Thus, because of this influence also, Urdu is not conditioned to the status it is supposed to be given.

Third reason behind the not so good plight of Urdu in Pakistan and its maltreatment is the fact that because of being a colony of British empire, the older generation is more prone towards learning English compared to Urdu. For them, English is a sign of distinction and being well versed in English means being more educated and more civilized. Thus, the older generation started putting emphasis on their to learn English more compared to Urdu. Therefore, because of the emphasis put by elders, the children were put into English schools where English as a means of communication was more preferred and the children’s ability in English was more polished, while the national language went into backdrop. The situation still prevails and English medium of instruction is given more preference and value compared to Urdu medium, which is definitely not the treatment that a language deserves.

In a nutshell, Urdu, because of multiple reasons in Pakistan is not experiencing the kind of status and importance it deserves. The need is to educate the native people about their language and tell them how the language is a part of their identity, which needs to be proud of and protected.

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Tips For Learning Urdu For The Purpose Of Communication

Pakistan is one of the renowned countries of the world. Due to its geographical importance and the rising political importance it has become one of the major countries of interest across the globe. This rise in the popularity of Pakistan has also given rise to the importance of its official language, Urdu.

Tips for Learning Urdu For The Purpose Of Communication

Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and is one of the most enriched and versatile languages of the world. Although the Urdu contains a diverse range of literature and linguistic depth, however, the primary focus of people learning Urdu today is to be able to use the language for communication purposes. The lines below give some effective tips which can be utilized for learning Urdu for the purpose of communication.

Understanding The Structure:

The first and foremost important thing pertaining to learning Urdu for the purpose of communication is to understand the sentence structure of Urdu. In Urdu, like all other languages, there is a formal structure, and if changes are made in the structure, the sentence fails to communicate the sense.  On contrary to the subject, verb and object structure in English, Urdu uses a subject, object, verb structure. Therefore, try keeping the structure in mind and then accordingly fit in the words for proper and effective communication.

Singular Pronouns:

The second thing you need to know pertaining to using Urdu for the purpose of communication is the singular pronouns in Urdu language. These pronouns are what make communication possible and there is an equal number of pronouns in Urdu as are in English language. Therefore, it is imperative that a learner knows and remembers the Urdu singular pronouns to make sure that they are properly used in speech.

Plural Pronouns:

In addition to the singular pronouns, there are also plural pronouns in Urdu that play their part in communication. For every singular pronoun there are plural pronouns, therefore, a learner must master the plurals in order to ensure that they are properly utilized in speech for effective communication.

The Use OF ‘To Be’:

One of the most important thing that the learner has to know about Urdu, which is perhaps the most difficult to master is the use of the infinitive verb ‘to be’ in Urdu. This infinitive verb is used in many forms and for different purposes in Urdu. In some cases this verb is used as a plain verb and describes some action, whereas in other cases it is used to produce present tense. Therefore, in order to communicate in Urdu effectively, a learner needs to know the use of the infinitive verb, the different forms it takes and the different functions it performs.

The Use Of Pronoun As Object:

Another distinctive feature of Urdu, which the learner needs to master for effective communication, is the use of pronouns as objects. In Urdu, pronouns with a slight change can be converted into objects and in some cases these objects are utilized to start a sentence. Therefore, this intricate matter needs to be understood in order to avoid mistakes in communication.


In a nutshell, it is imperative that an Urdu learner pays heed towards the minute yet important distinctive elements of Urdu language and before practicing communication has a firm grasp over them for better and effective communication.

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Key Features Common among Urdu Column Writers

The columns in the newspaper of a respective country greatly reflect the language of the country and the kind of intellectual depth and enrichment the scholars of that particular country possess. Although most of the columns are primarily written by people who are some way or the other associated with journalism, however, there are still literary merits to their writing.

The columns in the newspaper of a respective country greatly reflect the language

Pertaining to the practice of writing columns in Urdu newspaper in Urdu language, there are a variety of elements that are found common in the column writing in Urdu. The lines below discuss the major aspects and distinguishing features of column writing in Urdu language.

The first and most common feature in Urdu column writing is the starting of the column in relation with some historical story. Usually the authors start with a historical story to grab the attention of the readers and when the attention is grabbed the author starts relating it with the current circumstances or the issue which they want to target in their writing.

The second important and common feature of column writing in Urdu is that writers primarily try to discuss social and political issues of Pakistan. Although the writers oddly write about the culture and heritage of the country as well, however, the kind of political and social situation that Pakistan is at present, the objective of the writers is to educate and illuminate the situation and give a better perspective to the readers. Hence, the writing primarily talks about the present situation of Pakistan.

The third feature that is common among Urdu columnist writing in different Urdu newspapers is the response or quoting of fan mail. The Urdu columnist of different papers have different fan followings and their fans write back to them regarding any issue which they bring to light or seek the opinion of the authors. Thus, what most of the Urdu columnists do is that they take on the fan mail they receive and then either try to quote it in their column as a foregrounding for addressing some issue, or if the fan has already raised some issue in the mail they try addressing and responding to it in the appropriate manner.

Fourthly, the writers in their writing give a retrospective image and analysis of Pakistan. The country is of grave importance to the global politics, geography, sociology and ecology, therefore, it is quite natural that the columnist discuss Pakistan in relation with the foreign world. Hence, the kind of analysis provided by majority of columnists in Urdu is retrospective and they see Pakistan as a part of globe and how the global world and Pakistan influence and affect each other.

Fifthly, the other thing common in all the writers is their Urdu writing style. Although the columns have some literary merit in terms of the intellect and information, they carry however, there are linguist similarities in terms of the kind of language used and the way it is used. The linguistic format followed by the columnists is almost the same and it helps in better presentation of the information and attention grabbing.

In short, Urdu column writing is one of the renowned professions and it is an excellent way of learning Urdu for foreigners as it helps give exposure to the linguistic styles, intellect and the current social and political context of the country in which it is spoken.

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Utilizing Children Literature as a Means of Teaching Urdu to Kids

It is a proven fact that when it comes to learning a second language the ideal time of learning is when one is at a young age and the brain is open to all sorts of knowledge. This is why children who have a different mother tongue and a different native language are able to speak both as they are exposed to both the languages and they start learning both.

It is easy for children to learn languages when they are exposed to both, however, if a parent cannot provide a significant exposure to the second language such as Urdu to the children, then the best way left to teach Urdu as a second language to the children is by the use of children literature.

kids literature books for urdu learning

Children literature primarily involves the technique of storytelling, which helps in developing the interest of the children in the second language and makes them prone to learning the language in an interactive and fun way. The lines below discuss the selection of children literature pertaining to storytelling as a means of teaching Urdu to kids.

Selection of Story Books:

The first and foremost important thing pertaining to teaching Urdu by the means of children literature is the selection of appropriate storybooks. The prime objective of using storybooks is to interest the children, therefore, it is imperative that the teacher considers all the students in the class and then on the bases of all the children and their interests select a particular kind of storytelling book. Therefore, before moving on to using children literature, it is imperative that a teacher analyzes the students and then on the bases of general interest select a particular book or genre.

Response OF The Pupils:

The second imperative thing that affects the learning proficiency achieved as a result of using a particular story book. In this regard, the response of the pupil is of grave importance. After reading a particular story book it is necessary that the teacher takes the feedback of the students and notes down the kind of response they have shown to the book. If the response of the students is healthy in terms of their liking as well as their increased learning, then the teachers should select books related to that genre. Furthermore, if the students show little interest to the learning and they also have minimal improvement with regards to learning, then the teacher should change the book being followed and go for some other books that attracts the interest of the students and also improves their learning capabilities as well.

Supporting Material:

In addition to using the conventional books as a means of teaching Urdu to the children, other supporting material in the forms of images and cartoons can also prove to be effective in inducing greater learning. Therefore, pertaining to the kind of book that is followed a teacher should also make sure that relevant supporting material is also provided to the children so that they could enjoy learning even more.


In a nutshell, it is imperative that teachers consider using children literature as a means of teaching Urdu to the students at a young age. However, in doing so the selection of appropriate book and supporting material should be based upon the response of the children.

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The Effectiveness Of Listening To Songs In Urdu Language Learning

We live in a very transformed world, where the ideas that were implemented and applicable a few decades back are no more valid and have lost their hold and strength. The best example of which can be seen in the form of the way teaching has been revolutionized. Now learning is no more the way it used to be and teachers are trying to make the learning process more interactive.

How do i learn urdu from listening

One of the most interactive ways of learning language in general and Urdu language in particular is the use of music and songs as a means of the Urdu language learning. There are numerous advantages of using music and songs pertaining to teaching a foreign language. The lines below discuss the major advantages of using songs as a tool in teaching Urdu as a foreign language.


The first and primary advantage of learning Urdu with the help of songs and music is that it keeps the learning session entertaining. It happens a lot of the time that students become bored with conventional telling of language rules and their repetitive practice. In this regard, when students listen to music, they enjoy learning and thus remain in contact with the language throughout the day without getting bored or feeling dull.

Improved Listening:

The second major advantage of learning Urdu with the help of using songs and music is the fact that it improves the listening skills of the person. The pace of the language used in the songs is quite fast compared to conventional speaking. Thus, when a Urdu learner listens to the songs his or her listening skills become sharp and they are able to listen to the sounds with more keen observation . thus, as a result of listening to the songs, the listening skills become sharp and more sensitive.

Informal Language:

The language used in all the books and formal means of teaching Urdu is formal and standard. However, when it comes to the language spoken by masses, it is a deviation from the standard language and thus requires understanding of the language spoken at a rustic level. The language used in songs is informal and the student that listens to this language is exposed to the informal language. Hence, listening to songs contributes to humanly communication in the foreign language in a better way compared to conventional learning. Therefore, songs listening increases the informal language knowledge and competency of a person.

Speaking Practice:

Another advantage of listening to songs when learning Urdu is that it serves as a speaking practice session. By listening to the song a few times, the learner can then start repeating the verses of the songs and continue on repeating them till the verses are remembered. Thus, by imitation, a learner is able to practice and improve the Urdu speaking skills in an interactive and entertaining manner.


In a nutshell, listening to songs as a means of learning Urdu is a new method adopted in language teaching. With the help of this method a student can improve speaking and listening skills in addition to improving the knowledge of the language whilst keeping the language learning process entertaining.